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The right strategy needed for any business to reach its corporate objectives is indispensable when it comes to corporate planning, management, and control.Hence, we at Belem-B Consultancy endeavour to put into consideration the companies strategy when managing projects.


It has been highlighted that the success of a business is largely dependent on an in-depth analysis of the facts and figures. But in practice, there is often not enough time for a fundamental and comprehensive fact and process analysis and the ensuing planning, management, and control systems it entails.


To help you solve this problem, we are pleased to offer you our experience and specialist expertise in advising you on how to reach your corporate goals. Whether on a short-term or long-term project; our management team would work with you to ensure your business development and management expectations are 99.9% met to the highest standard, within a specified time-frame.


We liaise with your third-party client/supplier's and stakeholders in a professional and ethical manner whilst working out business strategies and processes for your business.


Our Services at a Glance:

  • Creation of a corporate concept/business plan: Our consultants work with companies and individual to develop business plan and corporate concepts from the business owners brief. We suggest recommendations to our client based on the findings from our detailed research. We support our client to make informed decision regarding their business needs and wants.


  • Engeering Consulting: Our team of experienced engineerers provide their skills to solving and developing enfineering solutions to  automotive client. They are committed to finding and fixing issue; researching and developing new product.


  • Strategic corporate management: We work with companies on a continuous strategy management period. Providing informed strategy solutions, working with senior and junior stakeholders in areas such as brainstorming, project planning, facilitation of workshop and training, team working and other area that the business may require.


  • Procedural organisation: Our consultant at Belem-B Consultancy are meticulous and have strong business acumen, this allows them to be versatile. They are organised and well-coordinated; they bring a relaxed ambience to your business, which from experience we have found to help develop a procedural organisation. This is based on the level of professionalism they exhibit.


  • Project planning, steering and controlling: Our consultants are trained in using planning software like MS project, Visio, Excel, Primavera P6 and ARIS etc. We work with individuals and companies to develop project plan based on budget and targeted deadline.  They steer committees and liaise between the different project within a programme or business.  Monitoring the day to day running of the project plans, working with the project manager to control the stages or sprint/iteration. Our consultants work with you one off or on a long project. Communicating changes to team etc.


  • Project Support/Administration and Analysis: From supporting your project to analysing each stage of your business/project; our consultant at Belem-B Consultancy are proactive. Do you need a skilled and educated professional to manage your project diary, invoice, travel booking, on-boarding and off-boarding processes etc? Let our consultant work with you, contact us, for we have a record of proven abilities, to be team players, well organised and suited to the day to day running of Programm/project/business.


  • Stakeholders Management: Our consultant is able to prioritize stakeholders on the bases of authority and their responsibility to your project. We create a friendly and professional working environment which allows for easy and less daunting stakeholder management. Our team spirit and passion for what we do give us an advantage in a field where managing stakeholder efficiently is highly important to the success of a project.


  • 3rd Party Partnership: whether is booking hotels or travels or is procurement of services and stationaries our team are proactive at giving the best service. We work with companies short or long term, towards ensuring their 3rd party partnership is up to standards as agreed.


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