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In today’s world, the uncertainties faced by business are on the increase, and the risk companies undergo is also on the increase. We at Belem-B consultancy work with companies to identify the risk and issues that they are likely to face during the course of running this business.


We recommend a contingency plan; we analyse and come up with business strategies that are meant to create or maintain a competitive market advantage over other rival companies.


Our consultant provides innovative ideas, and they are critical when it comes to seeking and providing solutions to client problems. We make it our business to research the best processes and techniques to develop, managing and build relationships as well as systems.


Our many years of experience in business design, development, and analysis make us a partner you can trust. We are able to discover possible management crises by evaluating your human resource management style/patterns, business model, marketing strategies, and management structure. An analysis of these facets gives us an insight into the root cause of the problems your organisation may be going through.

We depend on case studies and proven methodology to evaluate management and business strategies.


We monitor and conduct impact analysis for your business/project before initiation and subsequently during management stages. We ensure that the quality of your data makes for an easy read. This is because we format presentation in such a way that is pleasant to the eye and detailed.


Our Services at a Glance:

Business Design/Analysis: Every business is a unique brand. The uniqueness of any business is determined by the quality of service they offer and the nature of its products. We at Belem-B Consultancy work with companies and individuals to design a business that is fit for purpose. Using our clients business brief, we come up with a functioning business plan, we work at creating a business cases, conduct impact analysis, elicit and gather business requirement, setting up business strategy, policy, and corporate governance etc.


Process Analysis: We at Belem-B Consultancy  work with companies for short and long term project/programme. We develop an operational process flow by conducting “As Is and To Be analysis” using the company’s current processes or we rely on documented achievable processes; this processes are evaluated and analysed to produce best business processes and procedures, aimed at creating a unique brand. We make it our responsibility to research the most up to date information for our clients.


Change Management: Change is most often faced with resistance; this resistance has been linked to the fact that people are uncertain about the outcome of a planned or unplanned change. Hence, we at Belem-B Consultancy, when we work on our clients' change management project, we make it a point to liaise with the teams involved on a level playing ground. We create an atmosphere that allows for easy distribution and networking of knowledge, we create achievable change plans and work with departments to create training needs during and after each change stage.   


Customer Relations Management:  We at Belem-B Consultancy are of the opinion that a happy employee is more likely to offer excellent customer service than another who is not happy with his job. When we work with our client on a customer relations management project; we analyse your human resource systems and the incentives available to your employees. Then we develop and recommend a training need. This we do by working with our clients' internal and external training providers.


When a business experiences a sudden increase in customer complaints, this is an indication that the business is failing to meet its customer’s expectations, and the problem is mostly rooted in the business model or employee relations. Our consultant conducts in-depth research to identify your companies shortfalls and develop solutions that improve customer relations with your business.


Capacity and Performance Management: The ability to function proactively is largely dependent on ones capacity to function actively. Our consultant at Belem-B Consultancy work at developing and creating ways to motivate your employees. We organise workshop and team building exercise geared at inspiring your work force to be more productive. We work with companies to design KPI, which then can be used to manage employees performance.


We also, develop a reward and incentive system channelled at creating capacity development. We make emphasis on continuous evaluation of HRM strategies and policies for in lies solutions and problems, which on continuous evaluation would reduce or prevent high risk associated with low employee/business capacity or performance.   


Strategy Management: Our consultants use methodology like MOST, McKinseys 7-S, CATWOEs, MoSCoW, SWOT, etc. to come up with the best business strategies for your business. Taking into consideration your business case, we develop and manage your business strategy on a short - and long-term contract. Creating a business strategy that distinguishes your brand from any other in the market.


Risk Management: By identifying possible risk and categorizing them into the nature of their severity; our consultants are able to manage your business/project risks.


We manage risk and issue logs for your business/project by prioritizing the possibly identified risk and issue based on their severity and the likelihood of them occurring. We create a contingences plan, putting in place governance to manage the project; this helps in applying checks and balance to your business/project.  

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