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Project Management

The right strategy required for any business to reach its corporate objectives is indispensable when it comes to corporate planning, management and control.

We work with you from project initation down to project closure. Managing stages to ensure high risk are properly managed.


Business Management

Business are often faced with uncertainty; The  risk companies go through is on the increase. Hence the importance of business research can't be overemphasised.

 By learning from past business strategies and failures.  we can build successful business. when we adapted ideas to  business needs.

Event Management

Event's can be stressful, having support from a professional takes away most of the stress that one is likely to experience.

Let us help, manage your event worries.We ensure all the little details are worked out and planned out, so that before and on the day of the event you have little to worry about.

Continuity Management

Change is constant; hence the importance of effectively handling and management of change.

Using regulatory guidelines, we work to create  continuity management plan for your company taking into consideration your companies uniqueness and needs.  Change makes way for great business

Equipment Hiring



 As a family run event business we look to create a lasting postive impression or memory for our client and their guest.

From the hire of our confectionary item with supplies to the hire of Capri Marquee, chairs, tables and coir matting. we ensure that our items are clean and affordable for our client hire. 

Belem-B Consultancy Ltd as a company prides its self by providing seasoned professionals Business solutions, as a business the ethos is always working towards a greater goal; which is excellency of service. By brainstorm toward providing a fit for purpose business process, a collaborative, fresh and determined approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and solutions for your business.


Take a look at our services

We specialize in programme and project management, our client service can be seen as below. However note: we can tailor our services to meeting your business needs:


•Programme and Project Office Support (PSO)

•Programme office Manager (PMO)

•Project Office Manager (PO)

Project Manager

•Engineering Consulting

•Programme and Project Coordinator

•Programme and Project Administrator

•Procurement Manager

•Business Analyst

•Performance Analytics and Reporting

•Process Analyst

•Change Analyst

•Project Analyst

•Event Management

•Equipment Hiring


What makes us different, is our agile mind-set towards work and success. We’re proactive and aware of the reality, which is: we all have different skills, but collectively we have one voice.We believe in continuous personal development and we exhibit a stressless work ethic. From planning to business management we offer comprehensive and personalised support for your business one off, short term and long-term contracts.


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