Why use a Party/Event Planner 



Who is a party/event Planner?


A party/event planner is a person or persons that organise your event or an event, they work to reduce as much stress away from the event owner/host. They usually concentrate on areas such as the planning or scheduling of an event and activities within said event.


The party/event planner is a tenacious person who is happy to work tirelessly to ensure your party is a success, they seek to pull out all the stop, to create a wow factor at an event. He/she is well organised and a good time keeper/manager. They create and manage event diary for the host. They are expected to communicate properly and have good negotiating skills. The planner stands as a mediator between the host and all other persons or vendors.


A party/event planner most often is there, from the start of planning stage to the end of the event. A party/event planner tries to minimise the cost of hosting a party for the host, they do so by looking for cheaper sustainable ideas and they are most often creative about best way to spend your money. They design your party using your ideas and colour theme; they bring your vision to life.


A good event planner is expected, regardless of the budget to produce, a memorable event for any type of client.


The event/party planner


The hustle and bustle of today’s world makes it difficult for a host to effectively plan their event without actually affecting other aspect of their life, hence the importance of having a party/event planner; who would  do the running around, scheduling, organising and management of the event.


They try and reduce the frictions that most people face amongst family and friend during and after the event.  The party/event planner takes the responsible of sending the invitations, dealing with the contactors/vendors, suppliers, negotiating deals, decorating, and time management, clean up and follow up etc.


The party/event planner works as the personal assistant of the host, ensuring that communications and updates are readily available for host approval. They usual use clip board to produce a vision borad of what the host wants for their event, this allows the host, envision what to expect on the event day.


At the planning stages, all changes are made, the planner makes sure that samples of the event decoration and catering are available for the host approval. This means the host does not have to worry about doing all the running around. They can concentrate on their work; while the planner works at ensuring that the event goes to schedule.


The planner is responsible for ensuring; all catering and other contractors are on time and working to service level agreement. The host has nothing to worry, this is because the party planner works to keep every aspect of the event in check. The host can just relax and enjoy the party.


The importance of a party/event planner is immeasurable. They make memories for people and this they do at a very reasonable price; if you were to compare it, to the stress you would have gone through, if you were to organise the event yourself from start to finish.


Having an effective event planner, do the running around for your event can’t be overemphasised.


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