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Belem-B Consultancy

Founded in 2013


Our journey to build a onestop shop for all things management and event consulting, is still in its early stage. However, we are gradually growing to become one of UK's go to consulting services for Project Management, Business Management, Event Management, and General Consulting.


As a  professional business, we have a reputation for providing quality, sustainable, and innovative business solutions. Often, our collaborative, fresh, and determined approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to our client's business.


We research fresh ideas and also develop existing ideas to suit your business style, taking into consideration your business needs.


Our consulting ethos, relies on our desire to make a difference in our world: as such, we often go the extra mile to provide excellent service, with a mindset of "every business is different". Therein, we tailor our business solutions to your business strategy, needs, wants, PESTLE. Categorising your requirements, based on the type of business or project. No two projects are alike!!


Consultanting, over the years has exposed us to IT, financial, utility company, NGO, engineering/automotive, rail, and consumer good projects within UK and around Africa.


We believe in continuous personal development and enjoy taking up new challenges.


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