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Belem-B Consultancy Limited is a professional management consultancy service that stands for quality bespoke consulting. Our business of consulting is based on the desire to provide innovative business solution to our client and their business. We work with financial service, utility companies, public service, private Individual and NGO; providing innovative business and technological solutions.


We develop solutions using logical and technical methodology. These solutions are rooted in our experience from years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors and our ability to adapt to new technology and environments.

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Corporate Planning and Control

Show me a failed company and it would show it failed to plan. We as a company research the best processes; we aim at ensuring we navigate your company's future with greater assurance, utilising our management expertise for short-term or long-term management planning and providing business support.


Belem-B Consultancy Ltd works with companies to develop operational management system, geared towards controlling/managing corporate activity and compliance with corporate governance. Using the company’s organisational policy and regulatory body’s guideline, we draw up business processes fit for purpose.

Our Other Consultancy Areas:

  • Human resource management: We work with your human resource department  to create an effective change management system and training program geared at empowering your  employees to be more productive and engaging with the day to day runing of your company.
  • Business start-ups: We work with small and large company in areas such as eliciting and requirement gathering, drawing up business case and impact analysis, we also work on conducting viability analysis.
  • Research Personnel: We help companies and individual conduct management and strategy research



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