Continuity Management

We consider continuity management as a long term plan and it is essentially; that companies intricately project into the future,when planning for unforeseen eventualities. Using known indicators as risk management KPI's, PESTLE model is one of the known indicators,  used  when planning business continuity measures. Using this known model and other equally useful models, Companies can forecast, with a mind set of uncertainty; therefore giving a broader perspective of the likely risk and issues.


The need to recognize that change is constant cannot be over emphasised; hence the importance of effectively handling and management of change. Usually, we would advise that our client have in place measure or strategies that cope with unplanned and planned change. By having a strategy in place, it's easy to recover or even avoid high risk issues from happening in the first place.

We can support you with planning and managing continuity, offering you a comprehensive and specialist consulting service.

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     Event Management 

Event can be stressful.Often the first thing on your mind; would be to worry about the success of your event!

Lets take that worry off your mind.Belem-BEvents Management company promises to provide you with a beauitful, clean backdrop for your event that can be decorated to create the atmosphere you desire.

Do you need a temporary event Manager for your company? Do you have an event coming and you don’t have time to manage or Plan it? Do you need a venue and decorations? Do you need catering and hospitality staff?  Do you need Ideas and themes? Do you, need to send out invitation and get feedbacks? Do you need a guest speaker and don’t know how to hire one? Do you need to prepare sponsorship document? Then look no further; we have on hand professionals ready to work for you; they work to ensure you achieve, the required service and meet your clients or guest expectation.

Our combined many years of experience in a wide range of Project management areas have equipped us to promptly guide companies and individual in the act of Event Management. From Catering, Venue theming, to hiring equipment; we are one of the, one stop shop to go to. Contact us today for your Event Needs.


Our Services at a Glance:

  • Definition of initial position and need for action: Our consultant usual will visit or book a meeting with our client to discuss their event needs and wants. We initiate an action towards meeting our clients’ needs by taking down notes and asking our clients probing questions. We go away with briefs and from this we structure an event theme and props.
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential disruptive factors: Before we plan an event, we do our homework by brainstorming with our team, possible disruptive factors. We draw up a list of possible problems and then we plan a contingency solution. Seeking quality and value for money is a service we offer our client, as we value our client’s satisfaction, beside us working to make their event memorable.
  • Follow-up service: Our event management service includes a follow-up service, were we offer customer relations service to attendees of an event organised by us or hosted by us. This service includes RSVP actions and ensuring that your client are carried along during the programme and afterwards. We ensure that guest are well taken care off during your event and afterward, we work at ensuring delegates get their hand-outs, invitations, meal preference, seating arrangement etc. on time and as planned.
  • Venue and Catering Sourcing: Our team can help business and individual source event venue and catering. We understand that some people don’t have the time to go and view venues in anticipation of selecting one for their event. Not to worry we can do the viewings for you and help make decisions for you. Our team find it easy to grasp idea. We prepare a slide for you, giving you an insight to the venues and how it would suite your event. We source catering service for you; we get the company to delivery sample of their product to your door step if you can’t make it to their office. Please note our services are flexible, developed in such a way that it work around our client needs.
  • List of Event Venues UK (please be aware that we are not affiliated to any of this companies, use with discretions)


  • Theming of Venue: Our team of consultant can prop your event, theming the venue to your required theme. We have props for hire contact us today for additional information.
  • Research, Presentation, Document: Our team of consultant can conduct research on your behalf. Create presentations and prepare event documentation for you. We work with individuals and companies. Our services are readily available and negotiable, we reduce the stress you will normal go through whilst planning an even and just for a token our team can do it for you. Our team of consultant look forward to hearing from you.
  • Source DJ, and others: Let us work for you, while you relax and prepare to host your guest. We can source from DJ, to Compere and other entertainers for your events.

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